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  • The man who says present is all does so because he is an utilitarian. Cited from Evening Round Up, by William Crosbie Hunter
  • Instead, it was built in a utilitarian style, common for small commercial buildings of its time.
  • That is we must not just focus on the utilitarian good that will come of this information.
  • This is would be an example of higher quality but common utilitarian vessel.
  • He and the others in the project wanted to create a type that would be both utilitarian and beautiful.
  • In other words, the real importance of the metal is not utilitarian but social.
  • Toby does not particularly serve any role - he is really just sort of utilitarian.
  • Utilitarians believe that an action is right if it produces the best possible state of affairs.
  • But we find that utilitarians do not agree among themselves about the meaning of the word. Cited from Philebus, by Plato [More of Socrates]
  • This theme sometimes served more utilitarian purposes - there were also some water towers.
  • Since being moved to the island, it has been housed in a somewhat utilitarian single-story building.
  • By this time they were painted in a utilitarian all-over brown colour scheme.
  • A utilitarian society would agree that everyone should be equal one way or another.
  • These cave sites are understood to have served religious purposes rather than utilitarian ones.
  • Through his work, those utilitarian objects become objects of art.
  • The north and east faces of the building are utilitarian in appearance.
  • Product design is the creation of objects of utilitarian value to people.
  • This rather utilitarian view of religion disturbed people who were often in agreement with many of his ideas.
  • The approach is much more utilitarian as it strives to find information that will directly influence practice.
  • The utilitarian option was chosen more often in the fat man case when presented in a foreign language.
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Meaning of utilitarian

  • noun Someone who believes that the value of a thing depends on its utility