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  • Their songs can make or break a film and usually do.
  • This is unlike others who usually remember their lines from a film even years later.
  • There is usually a service into town in the early morning and a return service in the evening.
  • Food is prepared in a separate kitchen located near the house but usually behind it.
  • Snow is quite common, although usually short-lived and light.
  • Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child's life.
  • This is usually in September through the first part of November.
  • Each province, district, and municipality is named after its seat, which is usually the largest city.
  • Each department is led by a department head, usually a member of the faculty of that department.
  • The prime minister is usually appointed by the president.
  • The nest is built out of branches, usually in large trees found near water.
  • When a position was lost, an immediate attempt was usually made to re-take it with fresh forces.
  • The duration of these courses usually range from six months to two years.
  • Blood loss is usually a secondary cause of death.
  • The drive capacity was usually stated under conditions of full track record blocking.
  • This may be accompanied by snow and high winds, but is usually short-lived.
  • Usually the dogs are his own, who no longer recognize their master.
  • Before going to court, citizens must usually first object to the decision with the administrative body who made it.
  • Those at the third level were highly involved and usually cast horoscopes for themselves.
  • Baldrics have been used since ancient times, usually as part of military dress.
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