using blackmail

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  • She enjoys shopping and will often demand that Peter drive her to the mall, sometimes using blackmail to force him into it.
  • Using blackmail, she arranges herself a fight and wins.
  • She quits working at 7-Eleven by using blackmail and gets a call from Robyn.
  • G&G's dark side does not bother Profit, who is not above using blackmail, bribery, extortion, or worse to get ahead himself.
  • His methods are diverse, and include devising for a colleague to be caught smuggling illegal substances into England; also using blackmail and bankruptcy to his advantage.
  • Using blackmail, Christopher persuades Yvonette to join an alliance of other noblemen of the area to fight off the mercenaries when they do decide to strike off on their own.
  • The candidates go to the convention trying to outmaneuver the other, Russell appealing on principles and Cantwell using blackmail on undecided delegates.
  • He is an amoral, self-centred man, writing wildly sensationalist articles with only the sketchiest grounding in fact and using blackmail to extort background information about bio-weapon research at ARSE.
  • Attempting to (subjugate) Haddad into a vulnerable position using blackmail, Stroebling kidnaps Kathy.
  • Shortly before the wedding, Tom's old girlfriend Vi (Juli Reding) visits and informs him that she will end Tom's relationship with Meg, using blackmail if necessary.
  • In November 1963 John Galbally, member of the Victorian Legislative Council 'accused the scientology movement of using blackmail and intimidation' which he said 'could lead to suicides'.
  • Mayer was ruthless when negotiating to keep his actors' salaries low, even using blackmail to pay Gable below his worth, although Katharine Hepburn referred to him as a "nice man" and claimed she personally negotiated many of her contracts with Mayer.
  • Using blackmail and the aid of Ashur, he has Solonius condemned to the arena, framed for Calavius's murder, and earns the support of Glaber by threatening to reveal that his wife has murdered a noble woman.
  • On the outside, Paul is using blackmail and threats on Anne's ex-criminal father Pop Carson (Raymond Hatton) to find the money as well as offering to split it with him 50/50.