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  • These sources can be useful if they can be compared with independent sources.
  • The use of writing has made language even more useful to humans.
  • This is most useful on data that contains many such runs.
  • This is very useful when performing a particular action on each separate line of the field.
  • He finds useful the process model of the many becoming one.
  • This is a useful view, but not the only possible one.
  • For language learning, speech recognition can be useful for learning a second language.
  • It is useful only for, and the case is somewhat special.
  • For some of these features to be useful, architecture independence must be maintained.
  • Many blind people find this number machine a very useful tool throughout life.
  • This proved useful very soon after the new calendar came into effect.
  • There are many types, each useful for specific types of riding and training.
  • The results from basic research studies are generally less immediately useful to patients with the disease.
  • He once said that his title was primarily useful for securing hotel rooms.
  • These operations took place in a well-defined order that gave useful results if more than one bit was set.
  • Some are mutator operations, while others simply return useful information about the tree.
  • It is generally more useful to consider such objects as stars.
  • Education programs before reaching school age may be useful.
  • The program proved to be a useful symbol for change in the country, however.
  • There has also been much useful work in Canada.
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Meaning of useful

  • adjective Being of use or service
    the girl felt motherly and useful, a useful job, a useful member of society