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  • It was not designed for heavy aircraft or for long term use.
  • However, the war ended before it could be put into large scale use.
  • It is intended both for on-road and off-road use.
  • Before long, many uses were found for them in the field of medicine.
  • The knowledge and habit of good form come only by long-continued use. Cited from Theory of the Leisure Class, by Thorstein Veblen
  • According to the company's, this is a non-commercial use only image.
  • Michigan allows open-season taking of one per day, for non-commercial use.
  • The house of the village head was used as a public meeting place when one was needed.
  • They are built and used for off-road use only.
  • Nor was it used at the end of a number.
  • It is designed for both on- and off-road use.
  • However, there is often extensive medical literature to support the off-label use.
  • This engine was used not only in production cars but also in their race cars.
  • None of its results were based on short-term use.
  • Use of the operating system is free for educational non-commercial use.
  • It's so easy, even a child can use it; and they do.
  • This is another area in which long-term use has not been demonstrated.
  • This allows users to use the service on any type of operating service.
  • A free academic license for non-commercial use and class use is available.
  • There is, however, a greater risk of side effects with their use.
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Meaning of use

  • noun The act of using
    he warned against the use of narcotic drugs, skilled in the utilization of computers
  • noun A particular service
    he put his knowledge to good use, patrons have their uses
  • noun (law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property
    we were given the use of his boat
  • verb Put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose
    use your head!, we only use Spanish at home, I can't use this tool, Apply a magnetic field here, This thinking was applied to many projects, How do you utilize this tool?, I apply this rule to get good results, use the plastic bags to store the food, He doesn't know how to use a computer
  • verb Take or consume (regularly or habitually)
    She uses drugs rarely
  • verb Use up, consume fully
    The legislature expended its time on school questions
  • verb Seek or achieve an end by using to one's advantage
    She uses her influential friends to get jobs, The president's wife used her good connections
  • verb Habitually do something (use only in the past tense)
    She used to call her mother every week but now she calls only occasionally, I used to get sick when I ate in that dining hall, They used to vacation in the Bahamas