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  • Info USable is a special idea contest to transfer US American ideas into practice in Germany. more...
  • Although staff read every letter, few usable ideas were obtained in this way.
  • Road construction is difficult because of the high areas of population and the limited amount of usable land.
  • In role-playing games, race typically refers to any species usable as a player character.
  • This way, high-level power cards can be energy and usable by all characters.
  • Most of the remaining buildings were damaged, many with only one usable room.
  • The value is none the less usable because it is derived from the best information available.
  • If no figure is listed, the number of usable aircraft is unknown.
  • Both of these techniques however left considerable amount of usable coal behind.
  • Several years later it was enclosed so that it would be usable year round.
  • Numbers in indicate number of aircraft that were usable, where records are available.
  • If it is older, it will simply no longer be usable.
  • Back inside the control room, after this event, a separate control panel there is now usable.
  • Therefore a usable contact point had to be found by trial and error before each use.
  • The AIR report concluded that no usable intelligence data was produced in the program.
  • Each new processor you add to the system will add less usable power than the previous one.
  • If it has been less than a few hours, then the previous ephemeris is still usable.
  • Which, in turn, would produce more usable energy in our economy.
  • Even after the collapse of the central government, some roads remained usable for more than a thousand years.
  • It's a development version and new features are being added constantly, although it is fully usable.
  • Such changes may have reduced the supply of usable timber and forced people to look at other materials.
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