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  • He turned down those offers, determined to pursue his own projects despite his urgent desire to find another film to direct.
  • There were also many villages in the mountains which needed urgent relief but which could not be quickly reached.
  • It will be an urgent care center with the possibility of having and emergency department system.
  • However, the centre does not provide urgent care and only has a limited range of diagnostics.
  • The organization then gives Bishop an urgent mission, this time in Italy.
  • In 1833 he felt the urgent need of giving more attention to his home and family.
  • Before entering there is an urgent warning sign that others have been killed by falling ice.
  • On the thirtieth day of his forty-day fast, he was called away on urgent business.
  • An electrical fire on one of the trains made a solution more urgent.
  • She called her father on his private jet and told him that it was urgent she speak to him personally.
  • The national interests were always urgent at his heart.
  • These would include mental health services, cancer screening, day surgery and non-urgent care.
  • After leaving her phone number, she says that it is urgent she and Phil speak.
  • Normally, most of leaders' attention is occupied by urgent matters, leaving little time to consider future problems.
  • It was five weeks before he was actually called to the set, despite the studio's initial urgent report for work notice.
  • The campus health-care center caters to primary and urgent care requirements of students and staff.
  • Two urgent care facilities offer walk-in service.
  • There was an urgent need for a law to clearly define the powers of each federal subject.
  • Department for Education officials were said to be taking an urgent interest in child protection arrangements at the school.
  • Please work out a suitable plan & act immediately Help is urgent & in sore need.
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