urgent assistance

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  • Several stations in the area remained under water for over a month and farmers requested urgent assistance from the government to help alleviate losses.
  • These are used to monitor the progress of pregnant village women, to send regular updates to health-care professionals, and to call for urgent assistance when necessary.
  • Roberta ignores the call for 'urgent assistance' and subsequently gets discharged from the police.
  • An emergency is a situation requiring urgent assistance.
  • Sydney- Afghan Foreign Minister arrives to appeal for urgent assistance.
  • The Council demanded urgent assistance from the international community to the Zimbabwean people, and reminded the parties to uphold the agreement.
  • The defenders sent messages to King John, bivouacked with the main body of his army at nearby Haddington, asking for urgent assistance.
  • Addressing an increasing humanitarian crisis after a number of days of protest and violent reprisals from state security forces the network appealed to heads of state and heads of international organizations for urgent assistance.
  • Hesse sent a message to Admiral Leake at Lisbon requesting his urgent assistance after the appearance of French ships in the bay.
  • It was concluded that the urgency signal was transmitted at a normal speed and possibly not an indication that urgent assistance was required, quickly followed by a hasty distress signal indicated that whatever the trouble it developed in a sudden and violent manner.
  • The Turkish Red Crescent sent two crews that included psychologists and disaster experts to in order to assess the situation and provide urgent assistance in coordination with the Red Cross officials in the field.
  • By February 1904, the Marconi Wireless Company required all of its operators to use CQD for a ship in distress or for requiring URGENT assistance.
  • Being much damaged and weakened by the fight themselves, the British ships took some time to take possession of Redoutable, and Lucas had to request urgent assistance to pump water, as four of Redoutables pumps were destroyed and few of her crewmen could man them.
  • The Famine Early Warning Systems Network, financed by U.S.A.I.D., anticipated the crisis as early as August 2010, and by January 2011, the American ambassador to Kenya declared a disaster and called for urgent assistance.
  • In the year 1787, Tipu Sultan sent an embassy to the Ottoman capital Istanbul, to the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid I requesting urgent assistance against the British East India Company and had proposed an offensive and defensive consortium.