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  • What he wanted to show to the people was the urgent need for revolution.
  • The result was a six-phase plan, starting with the most urgent work.
  • As a result, there has not been an urgent need to develop a writing system.
  • This condition may be a medical emergency and urgent care may be required.
  • The need to raise troops for the defense of the state became more urgent.
  • His daughter is asking for his release to receive urgent medical treatment.
  • Marriage for them was not about economic or political gain, so it was not as urgent.
  • It is considered urgent to promote and conduct further research on this species.
  • Within town there are several medical offices, an urgent care and an emergency room.
  • This tells the receiving program to process it immediately, along with the rest of the urgent data.
  • When the city made the decision to build the school, the need for a new stadium was urgent.
  • He says this case is urgent, there's little time to lose.
  • He began making urgent inquiries and attempted to find news about them.
  • In Canada, the number is used for non-urgent health services.
  • Martin has organized several relief efforts to ship urgent medical supplies to areas in crisis.
  • Given the urgent need for housing in the region, the town agreed.
  • His work centers around the difficulties of and urgent need for human connection.
  • In the letter, he called for the urgent formation of a Fourth International.
  • His task here was to improve communications behind the lines, a question which had then become urgent.
  • Despite the urgent need for action, little was done to try to combat the U-boats.
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