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  • Due to some forward energy being lost in the upward movement some speed is lost.
  • His right hand points upward and his left hand points down.
  • This relatively small space becomes even smaller when the arm is raised in a forward or upward position.
  • Who to the stars in pure good-will, Does to his best look upward still.
  • The front doors open forward and the rear doors open upward like wings.
  • With this success under his belt, began to work his way upward in the party leadership.
  • Upward movement of either set of bogies would force the other down through the spring.
  • A length of live track left on the ground will curl upward slightly at each end.
  • At times the wall also curves upward to meet the light above and form a sky.
  • They therefore start at their "mirror points" and can travel only upward.
  • They eventually climb above the tree line and are exposed to the wind as they continue upward.
  • Looking to the left of the camera, he is holding a baseball upward.
  • They also do a quick upward flick of both wings with each note.
  • Upward movement between classes is difficult for the majority.
  • Evola held that politics, like everything else in life, should look upward and beyond the self.
  • Characters gain experience points and progress upward in level.
  • After four rooms, they will find a stairway leading them upward.
  • Some species face their left sides upward, some face their right sides upward, and others face either side upward.
  • This signals that the movement of the wave one degree higher is upward.
  • When the note head is below the middle line the stem is drawn to the right of the note head going upward.
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