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  • She noted it was her first uptempo song she had created in several years.
  • The single is more uptempo and dance-influenced than his debut single.
  • Uptempo and club-friendly music can be heard in nearly every corner of the city at night.
  • The song is uptempo and about the love between two people.
  • Not on purpose, but I just want to hear something fresh and mostly uptempo.
  • The album was regarded as taking the band away from their old sound and leading in to a more uptempo style.
  • The song is a fast, uptempo song featuring a heavy metal sound.
  • It was written in the same style and using some of the same instruments, although the work is much more uptempo.
  • The record was uptempo, completely different from his usual R&B style but it seemed to work.
  • The song is an uptempo about a man who wants to party, but finds that his friends have other interests.
  • It's uptempo, fun music, although it does have a range of things.
  • "Dance" is an uptempo pop dance song, that contains elements of club and house music.
  • It is full of uptempo and dance music, it sounds really fresh!
  • The song is an uptempo song about friends that will betray others and knowing who your real friends are.
  • The club gained the reputation of playing rare and uptempo soul.
  • The song is an uptempo ode to what really makes a good night.
  • Days later, they received the uptempo track that would become "Bad Girl".
  • The album contained uptempo pop rock songs and influences from R&B music.
  • It is an uptempo song, with elements of dance and pop music.
  • The song is an uptempo pop song about the darker side of life and an attempt to break free.
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