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  • Earlier boats did not have enough power to go upstream against the river's current.
  • At the head of the bay they found a river and followed it upstream where it soon divided.
  • This means that the lake water is renewed from upstream sources every three years.
  • An object moving at high speed through air generates a high pressure region upstream.
  • The river's powerful current and many rapids make upstream travel nearly impossible.
  • They attempted to sail further upstream, but the current was too strong.
  • Another dam will be constructed upstream of the city, for better flood control.
  • However because of Australian magic the river at some points in time will change flow direction and flow upstream.
  • Gray spent nine days trading near the mouth of the Columbia, then left without having gone beyond upstream.
  • This pressure recovery is never completely to the level of the upstream pressure.
  • The city's industrial area lies upstream of the port.
  • The mouth of the river is at river mile of the Columbia upstream from its mouth.
  • Upstream, the current cut new channels through the lake-bottom sand.
  • Upstream development allows other distributions to benefit from it when they pick up the future release.
  • Mississippi Lake is just upstream by boat, as well as by car.
  • Trout tend to face upstream and most of their food is carried to them on the current.
  • Hampton Spring is located approximately upstream along the east bank of Spring Creek.
  • The largest of these fragments fell across the lower portion of the standing section, coming to rest partially on its upstream face.
  • Hebron's battles with water quality are internal rather than related to problems upstream.
  • The upper levels of the bridge are slightly curved in the upstream direction.
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  • adjective In the direction against a stream's current