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  • He was a handsome, upstanding fellow, very popular with women. Cited from Elizabeth's Campaign, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • Seventy-nine years saw her still upstanding, strong, full of work, and fuller of life's knowledge. Cited from The PG Works Of Gilbert Parker, Complete
  • But the creature only passed his fingers through his upstanding hair and smiled wanly. Cited from Septimus, by William J. Locke
  • It seemed, without changing its level, to pass partly through an upstanding crag which stood in its path. Cited from The White Invaders, by Raymond King Cummings
  • She put her arms about the bravely upstanding figure in its old-fashioned dolman. Cited from Suzanna Stirs the Fire, by Emily Calvin Blake
  • He is certainly upstanding, this average California male - running to bulk and a little to flesh. Cited from The Californiacs, by Inez Haynes Irwin
  • The six works were chosen based on their literary merit, as opposed to their upstanding morals.
  • They are all fine, upstanding fellows, and most of them have had college educations.
  • He is known to be an upstanding member of the community and a fair yet smart businessman.
  • Lydia, years ago before the Government began to support the Indians, they were a fine, upstanding race. Cited from Lydia of the Pines, by Honore` Willsie Morrow
  • Their ears were upstanding and their eyes filled with curiosity. Cited from Tarzan the Untamed, Edgar R. Burroughs
  • "Took after his father, only he hadn't any beard; a fine upstanding pair." Cited from The White Wolf and Other Fireside Tales, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • He was an honest and upstanding citizen in a time when not many ballplayers could say the same.
  • His flat, wide nose, thick lips, and small yellow eyes were set off by an upstanding mop of hair. Cited from The Leopard Woman, by Stewart Edward White
  • He was upstanding, bore himself easily, was clean in line and tough of frame. Cited from The Black Colonel, by James Milne
  • It has been defined as one of South Australia's most outstanding late 19th-century family homes remaining upstanding.
  • Those boys are noble, clean, upstanding fellows, and no schoolmaster could help being proud of them. Cited from Reveries of a Schoolmaster, by Francis B. Pearson
  • The number of houses had grown to more than a hundred and they were no longer thatched but were fine upstanding wooden buildings some three stories high.
  • He was a rich and righteous man, too, and as upstanding and strong as any man of his age that I ever saw. Cited from Vrouw Grobelaar and Her Leading Cases, by Perceval Gibbon
  • Septimus took off his hat, ran his fingers through his upstanding hair, re-covered his head, and looked at her helplessly. Cited from Septimus, by William J. Locke
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