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  • Its upperside is mainly dark brown, with a grey head and yellow eyes.
  • On the upperside this is more or less prominent as a small raised spot.
  • The head upperside has a thin white line above the eye.
  • The upper side of its body is yellow-green, upperside of wings white largely mixed with yellow-green.
  • The upperside of the wings is deep red-brown with pale brown bands.
  • The upperside of the body and wings is green, often very bright.
  • Later, they can also be found on the upperside.
  • The upperside of the wings are dark brown or black with a number of gold spots.
  • Female has the upperside brown, without any blue or green irroration.
  • The mine has the form of a flat mine on the upperside of the leaf.
  • The upperside of the body is deep rich brown.
  • The upperside of the males is gray-blue, while females are red-brown.
  • These occur on the upperside, along the entire length.
  • The upperside of the hindwing is bright yellow with a wide dark brown border.
  • The upperside is light yellow grey while the underside is light brown.
  • A white upperside can have either red or black spines while a yellow upperside can only have black ones.
  • The female upperside has light brown basal areas, more extensive on the hind wing.
  • The hindwing upperside base is more extensively black than in similar species.
  • All the spots on both wings larger than on the upperside.
  • The base of the hindwing upperside is also black or nearly black.
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