upper basin

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  • The region is usually being divided into lower, central and upper basin areas, each with its own different characteristics.
  • The river in the upper basin is long and in the lower basin it is long.
  • Most human use of the watershed is limited to the upper basin.
  • Indian Valley is the third important alluvial valley of the upper basin.
  • Yet the same problem of plant operation that exists in the upper Basin also rears its head here. Cited from The Nation's River, by United States Department of the Interior
  • Several other minor streams in the upper basin have heavy grades.
  • At various stages below this upper basin are numerous other springs, from which several similar basins are filled. Cited from Wonders of Creation, by Anonymous
  • The river's upper basin is covered by dense tropical forests.
  • I have a vivid remembrance of my last night at the Upper Basin. Cited from John L. Stoddard's Lectures, Vol. 10 (of 10), by John L. Stoddard
  • Eolus lies to the west of the upper basin, while the other peaks lie on the east side.
  • For several thousand years and ceased to Early Lake Erie receive water from the upper basins.
  • The fountain's name derives from the sound made when water drips from the upper basin.
  • At the upper basin of the Fall she turned off, and coasted the narrow path under the rock, around the basin. Cited from Wych Hazel, by Susan and Anna Warner
  • Much of the upper basin has poor soils and agriculture here is largely of wheat and gram.
  • There are several important valleys in the otherwise mountainous upper basin.
  • The horizontal lacustrine strata of this upper basin are twelve miles long and two broad. Cited from The Student's Elements of Geology, Charles Lyell
  • Cholula is located in the river's upper basin.
  • Some geographers still believed thirty years ago that all the waters of its upper basin might be tributary to the Nile. Cited from Beacon Lights of History, Volume XIV, by John Lord
  • Sylvester visited the middle Enchantment basin and probably did not venture into the upper basin.
  • This resulted in almost all Upper-basin irrigation being denied water, except for groundwater irrigators.
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