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  • Info Uphill is a village in the civil parish of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset, England, at the southern edge of the town, on the Bristol Channel coast.
  • If one is next to running water, the water will run uphill!
  • His family had their own cattle and he often ran uphill to bring them water.
  • He later finished third on the uphill time trial stage.
  • This means that more power is lost when going uphill.
  • But he was fighting an uphill battle, and lost much money.
  • Now the road is used for uphill traffic at all times.
  • To that end, uphill trains stop at the station for five minutes.
  • Wooden Leg went back through the camp in the river valley rather than directly uphill towards the soldiers.
  • The approach shot to the small green is also slightly uphill.
  • One of the ride's notable features is a short uphill section after the first drop.
  • It then goes uphill again before being brought to a stop by the final brake.
  • The uphill part was seen as an important part of the course where you could easily loose seconds.
  • The course is left-handed with an uphill finish and a long run-in.
  • This is a long term uphill battle against the sea.
  • Drive straight on the rough road until you reach a clearing going uphill to your left.
  • The second half of the walk brought him uphill, back to the same elevation at which he began.
  • The Tour's first stage was largely flat, with a short uphill finish.
  • Both were to be an uphill battle, but the need was great.
  • This section runs toward the source of the flow so it has a slight uphill grade.
  • There is a car park within an easy uphill walk of the summit.
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Meaning of uphill

  • noun The upward slope of a hill
  • adverb Against difficulties
    she was talking uphill
  • adverb Upward on a hill or incline
    this street lay uphill