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  • He has a number of problems on his hands for the upcoming season.
  • The band is currently in the studio to work on an upcoming album.
  • What Hill did not learn was his role in the upcoming battle.
  • Physical copies are only available at the shows of their upcoming tour.
  • The first single from her upcoming album is expected to be Woman's World.
  • These shows feature many upcoming artists as well as local talent.
  • At the same time, the band announced their upcoming tour.
  • The MTA has some money included in its upcoming five year capital plan.
  • The release of the single was later pushed and the songs will be featured on the upcoming full length.
  • Also in January, the band confirmed an upcoming full-length album.
  • Being part of the club also gave him an opportunity to speak for the Democratic party on the upcoming election.
  • That summer, the band announced that they would take their first "extended time-out" following their upcoming fall tour.
  • Translation memory tools from majority of the companies do not support many upcoming languages.
  • The news program also features a movie related segment every week featuring new upcoming movies and more.
  • The EP features tracks from their upcoming full length record which is due later in the year.
  • All of his paintings stored on his property were destroyed, including art for an upcoming show.
  • He had prepared for this in time to vote for his brother-in-law in the upcoming presidential election.
  • The stadium activities end after the squad for the upcoming season is presented to the fans.
  • Vehemence is currently recording new material for an upcoming full length release.
  • After releasing the album they needed another guitarist for their upcoming tour.
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