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  • Each week also features a fiction story and generally upbeat real-life stories.
  • The single features a more positive upbeat sound compared to her previous singles.
  • The album has been described as the one of the band's most upbeat albums.
  • He appears very upbeat and excited about the changes going around him.
  • They have a very upbeat sound and are typically on tour for at least half of the year.
  • Despite this, she still has an upbeat nature and is a welcome addition to any team.
  • The album was a departure from the first album's more upbeat ways.
  • With their style of upbeat dance/pop, they scored many hits throughout Europe.
  • Even though the album is much more upbeat than Century Child.
  • The song is an upbeat number, in the style of many pop songs of the time.
  • Various reports credited him with being upbeat and a good influence, especially with the younger players.
  • Though he initially resisted, Martin made several changes to make the song more upbeat.
  • The album contained less upbeat dance songs and more biographical and love songs.
  • The album is noted for its upbeat sound in comparison to previous albums.
  • As house music was the current trend, the upbeat songs were produced in such form.
  • The album is said to contain lighter and more upbeat songs than the first.
  • This was the bright, upbeat sound he had been looking for.
  • "Big River" is the most upbeat song on the album, followed by the title track.
  • However he says he was advised to put a more upbeat ending.
  • The song can be described as an upbeat dance track.
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Meaning of upbeat

  • noun An unaccented beat (especially the last beat of a measure)