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  • His mother was unwilling to believe his health was as bad as it was.
  • Unwilling to share this power, they break their alliance and begin a civil war.
  • He remained very private and unwilling to talk to the press.
  • This is an act his father had been unwilling to do.
  • The railway company was unwilling to sell, and did nothing until the initial nine-month period had passed.
  • Unwilling to engage in a legal battle, the band agreed to change their name.
  • They were unwilling to give up any power in its pursuit.
  • In effect, if they were unwilling or unable to defend their claim, they had no honor.
  • The British were unwilling to go to war and nothing happened.
  • However, given the opportunity he proves unwilling to kill his best friend.
  • But parliament was unwilling to provide enough funds to raise an army.
  • He tells his brothers they need to take the women back to their homes in the town, but his brothers are unwilling.
  • At the time the United States was unwilling to do so.
  • Henry seemed unwilling to entrust any of his sons with resources that could be used against him.
  • He crept away and fled to the woods, unwilling that any should see his going.
  • Destruction was unwilling to be responsible for the destruction this would cause, and therefore left the family.
  • He took a local factory job, but was unwilling to settle down to that kind of work.
  • But since his financial supporters were unwilling to reveal their names, he decided not to run.
  • This is the concept of training techniques with an unwilling assistant who offers resistance.
  • She is still intoxicated with power, however, and unwilling to hand it over to her son.
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Meaning of unwilling

  • adjective Not disposed or inclined toward
    an unwilling assistant, unwilling to face facts