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  • His officers soon brought an unusually early end to his career in the artillery.
  • An unusually long period of four weeks was set for the campaign.
  • Unusually, neither the pope nor the king had a hand in his election.
  • Unusually for such a long road, no changes were made to its route until the 1970s.
  • An unusually wide variety of rock types for such a relatively small area can be found within the parish.
  • This unusually small entrance is a means of protection from wild animals.
  • Fire includes a large number of additional ideas making for an unusually complex and rich universe and story.
  • There was also unusually severe weather during the early part of the decade.
  • Castle was a two-member ward but unusually Labour could only field one candidate.
  • This quality makes his work perhaps unusually accessible within a contemporary art context.
  • Unusually, the court allowed the trial to be filmed because of its historical value.
  • Where they form a significant part of the land surface, the soil is unusually high in clay.
  • Unusually, it does so during winter when water temperatures are extremely cold.
  • We are both strong and, according to all accounts, unusually well preserved. Cited from Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 3 (of 6), by Havelock Ellis
  • "It struck me that they were unusually well preserved eyes for a woman of her age." Cited from Little Novels, by Wilkie Collins
  • This station unusually has its platform on the right of the train but the station offices are on the left.
  • This generally makes for complex characterization, and even minor characters are often unusually well-developed.
  • His parents married when they were in their thirties, unusually late in life for the time period.
  • Unusually for middle class German cars of this period, it was available with either two or four doors.
  • Bowls over four hundred years old are in use today, but only on unusually special occasions.
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Synonyms of unusually

Meaning of unusually

  • adverb To a remarkable degree or extent
    she was unusually tall