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  • Who's going to support them in the event of my untimely death!
  • However that dream was cut short by the untimely death of one of their group members.
  • Sales began in April that year, just a month before his untimely death.
  • His death was considered untimely as he had only reached middle age for his breed.
  • His tenure was cut short by his untimely death after suffering a heart attack.
  • His passing was untimely, but he gave us so much in such a short span.
  • He earned great fame and then faced a sudden fall and had an untimely death.
  • We ask why a child should die an untimely death.
  • But, the untimely death of his only son shattered him and he died soon after.
  • It came to an untimely end in May of the following year.
  • This would be her last starring role before her untimely death.
  • During the Michigan trial, the early, untimely death of her second husband was also called into question.
  • Sadly, it ended after only a few years with her husband's untimely death.
  • However his untimely death in the same year prevented him from completing this campaign.
  • The head of the family woolen business after his father's untimely death.
  • He was set to release his debut record in 2010 before his untimely death.
  • However, his jail term was cut short because of untimely death of his wife due to illness.
  • He was notified of his brother's untimely death by the war department last night.
  • Because of the untimely death of his father, he started to work early, working with different publishers.
  • She was a television performer during the 1960s, working until her untimely death.
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