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  • During running-in they worked in Britain, but their length made them unsuitable.
  • He briefly became a teacher but found he was unsuitable and then joined the army.
  • They must not be used if damaged or otherwise look unsuitable for use.
  • The animals are described as being somewhat unsuitable for children as they do not enjoy being held.
  • His father felt him to be unsuitable to hold power.
  • The reservoir was popular for speed boat and other water sports, until its size became unsuitable.
  • The construction of buildings at either end eventually rendered it unsuitable for such a function.
  • However, he found the landscape unsuitable for painting due to the lack of trees.
  • His wounds were such that he was considered unsuitable for active service.
  • Because they had been designed for black and white film the existing products were unsuitable for everyday use.
  • Analysis of the use of commercial aircraft tracks for climate engineering have shown them to be generally unsuitable.
  • We might see this when a daughter brings home a boyfriend considered unsuitable by her parents.
  • He says that he will stop her by marrying her, but that his father will think her an unsuitable match.
  • This rendered large parts of its former habitat unsuitable, and it died out in those areas.
  • He later surveyed near the pass for a possible railroad route, but found it unsuitable.
  • He had reported back that the man seemed unsuitable.
  • The harbour proved unsuitable for the larger ships of the early 20th century.
  • The land he was sold was on a flood plain and was unsuitable for building.
  • A second fund-raising match between the two teams was cancelled due to unsuitable playing conditions.
  • Its chief drawback is its poor water resistance, making it unsuitable for construction applications.
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