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  • The single car team was unsuccessful in its first year, scoring no points.
  • The crew attempted to battle the fire for several hours but were unsuccessful.
  • Convinced that they would be unsuccessful, he then left them there to die.
  • He looked for work as a manager or coach, but was unsuccessful.
  • The band had previously been nominated for election seven times, each unsuccessful.
  • Unsuccessful series were dropped, and a number of new series were tried out, some more successful than others.
  • The lack of advanced technology skills can lead to an unsuccessful experience.
  • However the campaign was unsuccessful, and the change may go ahead.
  • However, their efforts were unsuccessful and war continued until the death of Frederick.
  • He was, however, unsuccessful in three attempts to secure a pay rise.
  • But they were unsuccessful and the company lasted only five years.
  • Attempts were made to produce electric cars, but they were largely unsuccessful.
  • There, he made an unsuccessful attempt to mine copper from the blue earth found in the area.
  • Aware of the risk, he made several unsuccessful attempts to escape occupied France with his family.
  • A major search for the stone was ordered by the British Government, but proved unsuccessful.
  • The plant was ultimately unsuccessful due to a failure of the deep sea cold water pipe.
  • In this he has so far been unsuccessful.
  • More than a dozen other companies have been unsuccessful in finding commercial quantities of oil.
  • Though a success in Europe, the film was unsuccessful in its initial North America release.
  • Neither movie was popular with the public, which meant she had made four unsuccessful pictures in a row.
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Meaning of unsuccessful

  • adjective Not successful; having failed or having an unfavorable outcome