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  • Never did a band of savages do their work of death more unsparingly. Cited from The Confessions Of Nat Turner, by Nat Turner
  • He looked back across the seven years of his life in the world, and condemned them unsparingly. Cited from Clayhanger, by Arnold Bennett
  • He moved a step forward, and took her shoulders between his hands, looking at her closely, unsparingly. Cited from Rosa Mundi and Other Stories, by Ethel M. Dell
  • Since you have condemned them unsparingly I need not refer to them again. Cited from An Original Belle, by E. P. Roe
  • He had a great gift of language, and he used it unsparingly. Cited from The Clicking of Cuthbert, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • The resources of revolution remain, and they will be used unsparingly. Cited from The Uprising of a Great People, by Count Agenor de Gasparin
  • The civil sword in Spain and Italy was unsparingly employed in her support. Cited from Critical and Historical Essays, by Macaulay V2
  • The fact of his having beaten her became a weapon in her hands; and she used it unsparingly. Cited from Maurice Guest, Henry Handel Richardson
  • But ever full of kindness and sympathy, she devoted her time more unsparingly to doing good. Cited from Woman's Work in the Civil War, by Brockett and Vaughan
  • It is true there were those amongst its wealthy members by whom he was unsparingly criticised behind his back. Cited from The Golden Shoemaker, by J. W. Keyworth
  • His political changes are difficult to follow or explain, and they have been unsparingly censured.
  • Chopin never wrote a word; but what he failed to do, his friends and pupils did unsparingly. Cited from Famous Affinities of History V4, by Lyndon Orr
  • The existing war occupied much of his attention, and was strongly and unsparingly denounced. Cited from American Scenes, and Christian Slavery, by Ebenezer Davies
  • Loving darkness rather than light -- that is what Christ attacked, and attacked unsparingly. Cited from The Greatest Thing In the World and Other Addresses, by Henry Drummond
  • She told him, among other things, that she had spent none of the money that he had so generously and unsparingly sent her. Cited from The Life of George Borrow, by Herbert Jenkins
  • As we ascend, natural selection works more, rather than less, unsparingly. Cited from The Whence and the Whither of Man, by John Mason Tyler
  • You sacrifice unsparingly and unnecessarily those men who serve you best; and when they fall you do not regret them. Cited from Private Life of Napoleon, V7, by Constant
  • Unsparingly he devoted the whole of his exceptional energies to the work before him. Cited from The Slave Of The Lamp, by Henry Seton Merriman
  • But even then this woman had a keen-cutting weapon, and used it unsparingly. Cited from The Forerunner, Volume 1, Charlotte P. Gilman
  • He gave himself unsparingly for the cause of religious education, and never failed to prepare himself for his weekly ministration. Cited from A Backward Glance at Eighty, by Charles A. Murdock
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