unrecorded time

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  • Probably our whole historic period would form but a fraction of this cycle of unrecorded time. Cited from Time and Change, by John Burroughs
  • In a few cases in the familiar life about us we see the evolutionary process abridged, and transformations like those of unrecorded time take place before our eyes, as when the tadpole becomes the frog or the grub becomes the butterfly. Cited from Time and Change, by John Burroughs
  • At some unrecorded time, but at a time which must come within these years, Harold Earl of the West-Saxons became the guest and the man of William Duke of the Normans. Cited from William the Conqueror, by E.A. Freeman
  • Here the record is scanty, interrupted, even unintelligible, while there it is crowded with embarrassing wealth of material, but too often these full chapters are separated by such stretches of unrecorded time, that it is difficult to connect them. Cited from Darwin and Modern Science, by A.C. Seward