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  • The band has been playing many of these unrecorded songs live over the last year.
  • The set features tracks from all four of their studio albums and some previously unrecorded songs.
  • None of the previously unrecorded songs contained in Mosaic are included on the album.
  • To date, she had composed more than 300 published & unpublished, recorded and unrecorded songs.
  • The band's name was changed to Timeless Miracle, after one of their unrecorded songs.
  • The band has also mentioned in an online interview that a new studio album is currently in the works, consisting of previously unrecorded songs that were written over the previous ten years.
  • The recording offered Grammer's take on nine previously unrecorded songs written by Carter and one traditional tune.
  • At the moment, Jenilca is considering several offers while continuing to expand her repertoire, including 16 unrecorded songs.
  • Added to the setlist are two previously unrecorded songs by the band, Bridge Over Troubled Water and The Impossible Dream.
  • There are new rumors of a second album to be released sometime in 2013 based on a back catalog of unrecorded songs written during the bands tenure.
  • All but five of the 23 songs performed had appeared on his studio albums, while the five previously unrecorded songs (described below) have not appeared on a Mathis studio album since.
  • Tracy Grammer has continued to introduce previously unrecorded songs and recordings that the duo were working on prior to Carter's death.
  • The duo re-recorded many of the songs from Snake Handlin' Man, plus two previously unrecorded songs, in early 2002.
  • It featured 30 tracks, including 10 previously unrecorded songs, with each new song featuring a corresponding track of audio interview of the band speaking on the origin and story behind each of the songs.
  • It features live versions of The Seer, new unrecorded songs, and two "crude acoustic demos of songs for the upcoming studio album".
  • During the band's 2007 reunion, the Rustic Overtones recorded the song along with six other older unrecorded songs to appear on their new album, Light at the End.
  • The band's concert on Halloween 2001 was recorded and released by Sub Pop in 2003, titled R.I.P. and included two previously unrecorded songs.
  • He is the author of the noted Murphy's Laws of Songwriting, which he has posted to his website to help aspiring writers obtain success in their own careers, and has recently released an album of his previously recorded hits and also several of his own favorite previously unrecorded songs.
  • In the lawsuits, they charged Bishop with wrongdoing in Perry's death, sought to remove her as executor of his estate, and sought ownership of the rights to Perry's music, including many unrecorded songs.
  • Several artist have since written tributes in Carter's honor (see below) and in 2005 Grammer released Flower of Avalon, including nine previously unrecorded songs by Carter.
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