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  • This would later come into effect and give workers an unrealistically high level of power.
  • Although she is learning quickly, there are still times when she acts unrealistically.
  • According to a World Bank study, it ultimately proved to be unrealistically low.
  • People generally hold unrealistically positive views about themselves.
  • In agriculture this meant unrealistically high production goals and an even higher degree of collectivization than had already been achieved.
  • The United States government has dismissed these figures as unreliable and unrealistically high.
  • Unrealistically high expectations of academic success are often placed on gifted students by both parents and teachers.
  • They may also begin unrealistically ambitious undertakings, before being cut down, or cutting themselves back down, to size.
  • The review also noted the main character would collapse after an unrealistically short amount of time if he didn't eat or sleep frequently.
  • The United States government has challenged these figures as being unreliable and unrealistically high.
  • They initially had a tendency to be unrealistically bouncy, though this effect has been reduced over the course of the series.
  • Clown cars can also be used to describe vehicles in computer games that house an unrealistically large number of occupants.
  • Four rubber tires can also be seen on the track although they look unrealistically huge and protrude from the sides.
  • The job offer includes an unrealistically generous salary for part-time, unskilled labor.
  • These stereotypes are applied in both an unrealistically ideal way and sometimes an unrealistically negative way.
  • Higher responsiveness gives a greater feeling of control but since virtual head motion is amplified it can also cause it to move unrealistically fast.
  • The strategy was open to criticism for raising hopes unrealistically and not then delivering the necessary changes needed to drive the party forward.
  • Langford later stated that he thought fictional gay romances were often unrealistically rushed on-screen.
  • On the other hand, unrealistically positive expectations may prevent people from taking sensible preventative action for medical risks.
  • Positive illusions are unrealistically favorable attitudes that people have towards themselves or to people that are close to them.
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How unrealistically gets used

Meaning of unrealistically

  • adverb In an unrealistic manner
    his expectations were unrealistically high