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  • His confidence in his leader was complete, and he was always ready to follow unquestioningly. Cited from The Tiger of Mysore, by G. A. Henty
  • Families and individuals alike soon become used to new conditions and accept them unquestioningly. Cited from Rilla of Ingleside, by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • Unquestioningly, like a little child, she resigned herself into his hands. Cited from Ramona, by Helen Hunt Jackson
  • Unquestioningly he drank, as though he had been a child and she his mother. Cited from Darkness and Dawn, by George Allan England
  • That was why I did not like it when my husband unquestioningly gave in to all his demands. Cited from Home and the World, by Rabindranath Tagore
  • What earthly father would demand that his children rush headlong into danger unquestioningly? Cited from The Way of the Wind, by Zoe Anderson Norris
  • She saw that she had assumed unquestioningly that her lover possessed the qualities of his environment. Cited from The Blazed Trail, by Stewart Edward White
  • We place them immediately and unquestioningly upon the hypothesis that happens to fit. Cited from Riviera Towns, by Herbert Adams Gibbons
  • They accepted his money and obeyed his orders unquestioningly; but further than that -- they were white and he was red. Cited from Where the Trail Divides, by Will Lillibridge
  • It unquestioningly asserts that it is something foreign to your true being. Cited from The Soul of the Far East, by Percival Lowell
  • Aristotle's ideas of natural history and medicine survived, but they were generally taken unquestioningly.
  • The only thing to which he unquestioningly submitted was the truth. Cited from James Fenimore Cooper, by Thomas R. Lounsbury
  • As his great-grandfather had taken up arms unquestioningly long ago, so Sandy now responded to this later command. Cited from A Son of the Hills, by Harriet T. Comstock
  • Before the SAO incident, she led her life unquestioningly according to her parents' demands.
  • I am waiting that it may be given unto me; that my soul may believe unquestioningly, even as it believed in childhood. Cited from Without Dogma, by Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • Most of his contemporaries accepted unquestioningly the view that in religious matters faith precedes reason. Cited from Readings in the History of Education, by Arthur O. Norton
  • He assumed unquestioningly that the other must know. Cited from The Blazed Trail, by Stewart Edward White
  • One by one she gave her directions and the man obeyed swiftly and unquestioningly. Cited from The Bells of San Juan, by Jackson Gregory
  • It seemed to him that the least he could do at that moment was to fulfil unquestioningly her slightest wish. Cited from The Roll-Call, by Arnold Bennett
  • Though interest in Aristotle's ideas survived, they were generally taken unquestioningly.
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Meaning of unquestioningly

  • adverb In an unquestioning manner
    he followed his leader unquestioningly