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  • Those in red are as yet unproven while those in blue are known results.
  • However, it was based on unproven theory, with little or no social research to support it.
  • On race day, he was forced to start an unproven back-up car at the rear of the field.
  • It has been designed to not require any new materials or unproven components.
  • Such a large concrete structure had never been built before, and some of the techniques were unproven.
  • This has led to various unproven theories as to why the accident occurred.
  • It is possible that they would have been the same in both cases, but such a hypothesis remains unproven.
  • The vault, however, did not lead further, so that the tradition remained unproven. Cited from Northumberland Yesterday and To-day, by Jean F. Terry
  • There is some belief, although unproven, that the castle was the one represented on the national flag.
  • Those who have are shown below as unproven or under review or dormant.
  • Nobody has yet produced any evidence for this claim, which remains unproven and was almost certainly mistaken.
  • It seems likely that these two species exist in equilibrium within the cell, although this is unproven.
  • Although unproven, many suspect the South African government of responsibility for his death.
  • There is no published work suggesting such a link, so the origin of the figure remains unproven.
  • However this information remains unproven since all sources claiming the assassination attempt come from the president's camp.
  • The Western intelligence agency mentioned in the report considered that, the source of the claim was yet-unproven.
  • Frey, however, does not name a source, and his claim is thus unproven.
  • In real terms, the degree of fear or the level of injury required for a conviction can be unproven.
  • Yet this premise was still unproven, no matter how confident we might feel of it. Cited from The Master of the World, Jules Verne
  • Due to the small number of texts found, there is currently much unproven speculation.
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