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  • Teams were allowed to leave no more than one Senior International player unprotected.
  • Within this region a large part of the village was still unprotected.
  • It is also unprotected from possible wear from the public during opening hours.
  • Thus alone and unprotected, without cover, and under heavy enemy fire, he achieved his object.
  • However, sometimes even political speech can be a threat, and thus becomes unprotected.
  • What is left if the mines is unprotected, meaning they are still open.
  • The song lyrics talk about having unprotected sex, and many radio stations refused to play the song.
  • However there has been some concern as to their rapid loss of strength in a fire if unprotected.
  • African American women were also twice as likely to have unprotected sex.
  • Church then returned to Boston leaving the small group of English settlers unprotected.
  • It extended almost the entire length of the ship, with only the very stern unprotected.
  • In the interview he also warned other young gay men against unprotected sex.
  • Of those surveyed, almost half had been involved in unprotected sex within the previous three months.
  • Several American planes take off in the sky and leave the ship unprotected.
  • The relationship became sexual about two months later and the two would sometimes engage in unprotected sex, he said.
  • These are the same maximum power levels as for unprotected (secondary) low-power television stations.
  • However, a large proportion of the population is found on unprotected land.
  • The law limited protection to items held at religious institutions, while articles in private ownership remained unprotected.
  • Thus organisations may be at risk when car doors or doors within buildings are unprotected.
  • The draft continued until both teams had selected eighteen unprotected players each, while the existing teams had lost three players each.
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Meaning of unprotected

  • adjective Lacking protection or defense