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  • Long looked as if he thought the conversation had taken quite an unprofitable turn. Cited from Dixie Hart, by Will N. Harben
  • It may not be unprofitable to give the history of one more case of this sort. Cited from Sex in Education, by Edward H. Clarke
  • In reality, both the hotel and office block became unprofitable within a few years.
  • Following a year of unprofitable practice, he went to law school.
  • If sales fall under a set minimum level, the unprofitable show may close.
  • The new management of the company has found the funding of the football club unprofitable.
  • He sold the paper a year later because it was unprofitable.
  • In many rural areas, public transport is widely available, even in areas where operation is unprofitable.
  • The news format was ultimately unprofitable and was gradually dropped less than a year later.
  • You can't get men to become interested in unprofitable work. Cited from She and I, Volume 2, by John Conroy Hutcheson
  • That practice, however, caused the station to become unprofitable despite its high ratings.
  • Government or public hospitals were more likely to offer relatively unprofitable medical services.
  • This process took so long that it was nearly unprofitable to grow cotton.
  • Other seasons they have proved so heavy as to make such grazing unprofitable. Cited from Clovers and How to Grow Them, by Thomas Shaw
  • Afterwards the management passed into other hands and, becoming unprofitable, the resort was finally closed.
  • The line was unprofitable and ended operations after five years.
  • Eventually this activity became unprofitable, thus the ship was set for sale.
  • Most church activities have continued, although some unprofitable business projects have been reduced or discontinued.
  • It may have been unprofitable or a great success but that cannot affect the claim either way. Cited from Usury, by Calvin Elliott
  • He did initiate some state-owned companies, but they were unprofitable and all were eventually closed down.
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Meaning of unprofitable

  • adjective Producing little or no profit or gain
    deposits abandoned by mining companies as unprofitable