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  • The World operated largely outside the law, and opened and closed unpredictably.
  • They often didn't do exactly as she asked, acting unpredictably.
  • This allows a strategy of moving quickly enough and so unpredictably that the surrounding forces would be forced to retreat.
  • Indeed this is what we often do when someone is behaving unpredictably -- we look for the reasons why.
  • The ability to link to other sites means that some blog writers - and their writing - may become suddenly and unpredictably popular.
  • Power lines and shipping connections were maintained during this period, but were frequently and unpredictably cut off.
  • The short stories are usually told in one-page segments, and unpredictably follow the lives of the series' cast.
  • The company showed very little interest in the magazine itself; throughout the 1990s, the number of issues per year varied unpredictably.
  • At low speed, however, they were affected unpredictably by wind and currents.
  • Price keeps on swinging unpredictably and one can't be sure where the next swing will end.
  • Events swirl unpredictably about them, sometimes forcing others to follow them, sometimes forcing them to follow their destiny.
  • There were often many parties represented and the alliances and factions changed quickly and unpredictably.
  • McKigney's only possible explanation was that bears sometimes act unpredictably during mating season.
  • He took an independent line in Parliament, voting unpredictably.
  • Rain and wind may frequent the area unpredictably.
  • Beneath the blood-red sky balls of fire burst unpredictably.
  • In the UK at least it flowers rather unpredictably, but the first flowers generally appear from mid-spring onwards with a break in mid-summer.
  • Enemy AI varies slightly, causing them to occasionally move unpredictably, making it difficult to plan a perfect approach.
  • Such events appear trivial to begin with before unpredictably cascading through the system to create a large event with severe consequences.
  • Speed limit signs were placed near villages but nowhere else; guard rails were unpredictably placed.
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