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  • Info Unorthodox refers to something that is not orthodox.
  • As the first new high school built in several years, many unorthodox ideas were suggested.
  • They changed their name to Unorthodox after a band with a similar name achieved national success.
  • Unorthodox religious beliefs of this kind are probably more common among women than men.
  • He would spend the next several years further developing this unorthodox method of recording.
  • Hill had a legal right to enter the country, so an unorthodox approach was required.
  • Odd as it may have been, his unorthodox education served him well in his military career.
  • The country is best known in the world market for the production of unorthodox tea.
  • Her unorthodox appearance and lifestyle made her a well-known figure in the local community.
  • He played his entire career at third base, even though he was left-handed, unorthodox even during that era.
  • His long hair and unorthodox approach to study gets him in trouble with local police as well as residents.
  • As a young man he worked in some unorthodox places.
  • Since he was unable to directly promote it while in the military, he used the unorthodox methods.
  • When the school originally opened, its unorthodox education methods raised concerns.
  • His own house and the other houses built under his direction were unorthodox and often impractical in design.
  • Many unorthodox, typically high-risk, shots have been used throughout the history of the game.
  • It was then placed at the high altar and stands out for its unorthodox style.
  • His unorthodox shooting style has been the subject of much criticism.
  • Lane was known for having a very unorthodox way of fighting.
  • However, he was removed due to his unorthodox economic views.
  • His parents made the unorthodox decision to educate him at a local girls' high school.
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Meaning of unorthodox

  • adjective Breaking with convention or tradition
    an unorthodox lifestyle