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  • Then he ran, so that he could get an unobstructed view of the valley. Cited from The Desert of Wheat, by Zane Grey
  • All seats are unobstructed, giving every seat a clear view of the stage.
  • Most of the higher-floor units will offer unobstructed views of the sea and city.
  • The rest of the vast water area remains the unobstructed highway of the world. Cited from Influences of Geographic Environment, by Ellen Churchill Semple
  • He thought that every one should have a clear stage, unobstructed. Cited from Charles Lamb: A Memoir, by Barry Cornwall
  • His allies had promised him that his boat could pass unobstructed throughout the whole journey. Cited from Pioneers Of France In The New World, by Parkman #2
  • From the cape where they now stood an unobstructed view was had to the south. Cited from The Wonder Island Boys: The Tribesmen, by Roger Finlay
  • Each for his orders would have the unobstructed market to himself. Cited from The President, by Alfred Henry Lewis
  • This view is no longer as unobstructed as it once was because there are so many trees spread over the hill.
  • Each seat has an unobstructed stage view due to the tiered floor plan.
  • The chapel has a large south-facing window that is largely unobstructed by other buildings.
  • From the green square, where the ground was highest, an unobstructed view could be had of the valley. Cited from The Last Trail, by Zane Grey
  • When he could see the gloomy mass of the house unobstructed against the sky, he stopped. Cited from Helen of the Old House, by Harold Bell Wright
  • Here we had an unobstructed view of the persons of both. Cited from The Canadian Brothers (V. I), John Richardson
  • He stepped back several feet, where his vision was entirely unobstructed. Cited from The Cave in the Mountain, by Lieut. R. H. Jayne
  • The fence has now been removed, but the field itself remains unobstructed.
  • This gave better fire protection and allowed large volumes of unobstructed interior.
  • Air traffic was very limited due to many missing essential features for a safe and unobstructed operation.
  • This entire river is some three to four hundred paces broad, and very unobstructed. Cited from Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, Vol. 1,Champlain
  • The current stadium design offers an unobstructed view of the pitch from all areas of the ground.
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Meaning of unobstructed

  • adjective Free from impediment or obstruction or hindrance
    an unobstructed view