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  • State Street continues southwest into downtown as a local, unnumbered street.
  • In the great battle of the elements, which has been going on here for unnumbered centuries, they doubtless took an active part. Cited from John L. Stoddard's Lectures, Vol. 10 (of 10), by John L. Stoddard
  • This man was born to it; it had come to him through the blood of unnumbered ancestors. Cited from The Rose in the Ring, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • Independence Boulevard continues north as an unnumbered road onto the military base.
  • An unnumbered award is available for working all US states using a digital mode other than RTTY.
  • The pages are unnumbered; the stories are instead broken into parts and chapters.
  • An unnumbered black cell may have any number of light bulbs adjacent to it, or none.
  • I knew that I must meet with unnumbered difficulties. Cited from My First Voyage to Southern Seas, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • Another issue with the same format and title followed in the spring of 1954, also unnumbered.
  • For almost two years after the town was established the streets remained unnamed and houses went unnumbered, making postal service impossible.
  • These laws were made by men and have been instruments of martyrdom and death for unnumbered thousands of women. Cited from Woman and the New Race, by Margaret Sanger
  • His ranchos covered four hundred thousand acres; his horses and cattle were unnumbered. Cited from The Doomswoman, by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  • We did two versions of Long Odds, one as an unnumbered story. Cited from King Solomon's Mines, by H. Rider Haggard
  • I was too occupied mentally to pay much attention to Jane's unnumbered questions regarding my visit. Cited from The House of the Misty Star, by Fannie Caldwell Macaulay
  • The states that all state highways are to be numbered, and that no state highway shall go unnumbered.
  • War may kill a million bodies, but a wicked peace can snuff out unnumbered souls! Cited from Makers of Madness, by Hermann Hagedorn
  • Likewise He showed before the sight of men Unnumbered other works miraculous. Cited from Andreas: The Legend of St. Andrew, by Unknown
  • At the same time, many state highways that were previously unnumbered received designations.
  • A like fate has fallen upon uncounted millions before you and will come to unnumbered myriads after you. Cited from The Young Man and the World, by Albert J. Beveridge
  • On horseback, at the head of a chosen band, fighting like the lost against unnumbered odds! Cited from Recollections Of My Childhood And Youth,G. Brandes
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