unnumbered road

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  • Past this intersection, Main Street continues as an unnumbered road into the center of town.
  • Deep Run Road continues southwest from here as an unnumbered road.
  • Independence Boulevard continues north as an unnumbered road onto the military base.
  • Marsh Road continues north past this intersection as an unnumbered road toward the Pennsylvania border.
  • The portion in West Springfield, which was not state-maintained, became an unnumbered road.
  • The northern section, carrying eastbound traffic heads toward the eastern shore, but abruptly ends at an unnumbered road.
  • Extended to East Liverpool along previous unnumbered road.
  • South of this intersection, Market Street continues as an unnumbered road toward the Delaware River.
  • The road heads south from its northern terminus at Highway 33 to end at an unnumbered road in a residential area.
  • The route was created along a previously-unnumbered road in 1926 and was replaced within one year by US 23.
  • In 1937 the route was extended to Beloit along previous unnumbered road.
  • Past this intersection, Swamp Road continues southeast as an unnumbered road toward Newtown.
  • Route 172 was created as part of the 1932 state highway renumbering from a previously unnumbered road.
  • Route 125 was established from a previously unnumbered road in the 1932 state highway renumbering.
  • The route intersects some unnumbered roads and then ends at US 31E in Canmer.
  • Route 167 was establilshed as part of the 1932 state highway renumbering from previously unnumbered roads and has no major changes since.
  • Duke Street continues east as an unnumbered road seven blocks to the Robinson Terminal on the Potomac River.
  • The former alignment east of PA 420 became an unnumbered road.
  • In that same year, the highway was rerouted between former SR 558 and Leetonia along a previously unnumbered road.
  • The road originally existed as an unnumbered road except along the DE 5 concurrency, becoming fully paved by 1970.
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