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  • They may view sexual activity as an unnecessary part of human life.
  • By his very success, the Emperor had made his position seem unnecessary.
  • This evidence has been used to support the idea that the existence of a social class system is unnecessary.
  • It was the general opinion that using numbers instead might lead to unnecessary confusion.
  • At this stage he considered it "almost unnecessary" to point out his support for free trade.
  • He believed that the existence of God could not be determined and was unnecessary.
  • The image is shown on a computer screen, so eye-pieces are unnecessary.
  • Too much material would provide protection at an unnecessary cost.
  • In the event, enemy surface movements took place later than expected, making these instructions unnecessary.
  • If they follow orders, they may become complicit in starting an unnecessary war.
  • They turned out to be unnecessary, but were kept for their distinctive beauty.
  • They said that the city told them it was unnecessary, because the lake was dam-controlled.
  • Today the tunnel and modern technology have made rescue operations at the pass mainly unnecessary.
  • The former premier, now opposition leader, has criticized the continued operation as unnecessary.
  • But it is unnecessary to put the whole German nation to the sword.
  • Because the party never grows beyond three characters, switching characters during battle is unnecessary.
  • Some individuals do not have wings at all if they are deemed unnecessary to their task.
  • Titles have never given a true idea of things: if it were otherwise, the works would be unnecessary.
  • While the attack accomplished its intended objective, it turned out to be largely unnecessary.
  • This became unnecessary as broadcast technology advanced and the two-tone alarm was developed.
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Meaning of unnecessary

  • adjective Not necessary