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  • Unluckily in the last minute of the game he scored an own goal.
  • Unluckily, in those days there was no way for common people to get on. Cited from An "Attic" Philosopher by E. Souvestre, v3
  • I called upon you twice, but found you were, unluckily, not at home. Cited from Tales and Novels, Vol. V, by Maria Edgeworth
  • Unluckily we both selected the same animal, and both fired at the same moment. Cited from Tracks of a Rolling Stone by Henry J. Coke
  • Unluckily we cannot study the process in its course of action. Cited from Cock Lane and Common-Sense, by Andrew Lang
  • Unluckily for her, she lost her mother very early in her childhood.
  • It is tall and broad: but has been unluckily too much written upon. Cited from A Bibliographical Tour, Volume Two, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin
  • Unluckily for her, they found the key with which they opened your safe in her possession. Cited from Good Old Anna, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • Unluckily, the author had no opportunity of seeing what became of him. Cited from Anahuac, by Edward Burnett Tylor
  • Unluckily we can't get nearer than two years to his death. Cited from The Return, by Walter de la Mare
  • TRUE enough, a great many kind friends, but unluckily most of them have little or nothing in their power. Cited from The Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, V.1.
  • He had come to take his crown, and he had unluckily met with some opposition in taking it. Cited from William the Conqueror, by E.A. Freeman
  • Unluckily, his back was towards us, and so remained until he rode off in an opposite direction. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 4, No. 24, Oct, 1859,
  • Rose made the attempt and succeeded in passing the first man, but unluckily was seen by the second. Cited from Famous Adventures And Prison Escapes of the Civil War, by Various
  • He proposed to us to remain over night with him, and I unluckily declined. Cited from The Last Journals of David Livingstone, Vol. I, by David Livingstone
  • Unluckily the records fail to give us the name of this notable ship. Cited from Historic Tales, Vol. 1 (of 15), by Charles Morris
  • My father had unluckily killed their chief, and that was a sufficient reason for our being made prisoners. Cited from The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, by James Morier
  • Unluckily for this particular boy, social advantages were his only capital in life. Cited from The Education of Henry Adams, by Henry Adams
  • During a training session, he unluckily got injured and could not play the tournament.
  • Unluckily the colonel said, there was but this and another large tree in the county. Cited from Life Of Johnson, Volume 5, by Boswell
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