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  • After playing each game another game is unlocked, until all nine games are available.
  • They only allow players to test the equipment one level higher on their original unlock tree.
  • Gold stars are needed to unlock various things such as tracks and areas.
  • Players would subsequently have to play through each character and defeat all others as they became unlocked.
  • If he or she successfully completed a series, the player unlocks more material.
  • Once every special level for each difficulty has been fully completed, a final level is unlocked.
  • Extreme is unlocked once the player has completed any of the other three levels.
  • You must play through each battle to unlock the next one.
  • They are several horses that can be unlocked and bought during the game.
  • She told them the front door would surely be unlocked, and sent them home.
  • The game also features multi-player experience after unlocking the second character in the story.
  • This usually occurs when a player unlocks a new major island in the game.
  • He goes into the room, after unlocking it, and no one seems to be present.
  • Once unlocked the player can move back and forth freely through that door.
  • This new ending is unlocked only when players work as a team to complete the game.
  • He added the mode had to be completed if he wanted to unlock characters.
  • This campaign is unlocked when the player has completed a certain part of the American campaign.
  • A key on each must be found to unlock the next level.
  • Two people can play different game types in this mode, on any level unlocked or created.
  • The latter two were not available at first and needed to be unlocked.
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Meaning of unlock

  • verb Open the lock of
    unlock the door
  • verb Set free or release
  • verb Become unlocked
    The door unlocked from the inside