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  • This meant that the individual, separate existence of each and every thing is unjust.
  • She is often the first to speak up when she feels something is unjust.
  • She wrote a series of poems about society's unjust treatment of women.
  • His poetry demanded violence against those he felt were responsible for an unjust society.
  • An unjust law is not a law, in the full sense of the word.
  • An unjust law was in a sense no law at all.
  • I could never have believed that men could be so ferocious and so unjust.
  • One should not be unjust toward their enemy no matter the circumstance.
  • Our brave men and women risk injury and death while our government continues an unjust war for political ends.
  • He spent his last years speaking out against the unjust treatment of his former Indian adversaries.
  • It was said that when he experienced unjust treatment based on color, he "stood up."
  • If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them.
  • He pointed out that people who are unjust towards one another get an unjust Government.
  • Given the fact that he was retired at the time of the revolution his execution seemed all the more unjust.
  • His close friends stood by him and were equally frustrated by his unjust treatment.
  • The rest of the workforce quickly got to hear about this unjust act.
  • Herchmer considered his firing unjust, and continued to say so until his death.
  • He was also arrested numerous times for leading students protests against the government's unjust education policies.
  • Stratis was god of war in all of its forms, both just and unjust.
  • I call on all those who love freedom to condemn this unjust punishment.
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Meaning of unjust

  • adjective Violating principles of justice
    unjust punishment, an unjust judge, an unjust accusation