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  • Info "Unintended" is the fifth single by English alternative rock band Muse, and the fifth and final original from their debut album, Showbiz released in 1999.
  • An unintended consequence of new technology is its use among those least likely to benefit.
  • It seems that a quite unintended error may in fact at first have been made. Cited from Abraham Lincoln, by Lord Charnwood
  • However, more often than not, the cause and effect is unintended.
  • They are however forced to deal with each other, due to an unintended pregnancy.
  • Therefore, human action can have unintended consequences, including effects which are completely opposite to what was intended.
  • When he buries the body a girl saw the incident who was also killed by him unintended.
  • The educational role of the army is seen as one of its major if unintended successes.
  • Magic words are words which have a specific, and sometimes unintended, effect.
  • An initial unintended consequence of the project was that it increased local labor demand.
  • And it was good to be known as an artist of worth, even if the effects of your art were unintended. Cited from Merton of the Movies, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • Another unintended result of the battle was that a change of command was made on the Allied side.
  • This has the unintended effect of increasing the number of offspring they produce.
  • Weapons may also hit a target that has not been selected, or hit an unintended target or friendly ship.
  • Whenever we intervene in the order of things, we create unintended side effects.
  • However, this decision made by the prison authorities had an unintended consequence.
  • The meeting between the two ambitious young men results in an unintended consequence that neither had been prepared for.
  • If the student or child were to act on false information, certain positive or negative unintended consequences could result.
  • Its unintended consequence was that any woman who happened to look like a prostitute would be subject to this law.
  • They may either absorb the force of a moving door, or hold the door in place to prevent unintended motion.
  • Materials are not donated where that would cause unintended harm to existing business.
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  • adjective Not deliberate