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  • In their unimaginative way they sent down a squad of soldiers and arrested him. Cited from A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium, by Hugh Gibson
  • In character, George was unlike his sister, because while unimaginative he generally saw where his advantage lay. Cited from The Lure of the North, by Harold Bindloss
  • Now she was naturally a very unimaginative person, and had never had occasion to know fear. Cited from Told in a French Garden, by Mildred Aldrich
  • But it is one very widely accepted by the young and the unimaginative. Cited from Nonsenseorship, by G. G. Putnam
  • As for the unimaginative, they are as children; they cannot and should not be taken into account. Cited from The Note-Books of Samuel Butler, Samuel Butler #14
  • I flatter myself I put some life into that unimaginative man before I was done with him. Cited from The Triumphs of Eugene Valmont, by Robert Barr
  • He has no technical knowledge, and is by nature unimaginative. Cited from The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie
  • He wasn't to blame that nature had made him frank and unimaginative. Cited from Vanguards of the Plains, by Margaret McCarter
  • Again, these many people must be somewhat unimaginative. Cited from The English Novel, by George Saintsbury
  • The sensual women and the quite unimaginative women will not be affected, but how about the others? Cited from The Living Present, by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  • But they meant more than just that, for there were few, even among the unimaginative, who did not feel drawn to that door. Cited from The Story of the Big Front Door, by Mary Finley Leonard
  • They have kept me more or less straight in my unimaginative British fashion during a respectable lifetime. Cited from The Mountebank, by William J. Locke
  • The person of unimaginative mind sympathizes only with those whose experience and habits are similar to his own. Cited from Study of Child Life, by Marion Foster Washburne
  • To the unimaginative visitor, the plan that has been adopted will appeal. Cited from Virginia: The Old Dominion, by Frank W. Hutchins and Cortelle Hutchins
  • The two dark openings on either side, raised questions which the most unimaginative mind would feel glad to hear explained. Cited from Dark Hollow, by Anna Katharine Green
  • From his few surviving documents, he appears to have been rather an unimaginative soldier with a great respect for authority. Cited from Project Gutenberg Dumas Commentary, by John Bursey
  • Her tastes at heart were catholic, and that heart was simple and unimaginative. Cited from The Damned, by Algernon Blackwood
  • If a man is sufficiently unimaginative to produce evidence in support of a lie, he might just as well speak the truth at once. Cited from Intentions, by Oscar Wilde
  • To the unimaginative child the directions given will be so many words, and he cannot carry out these instructions as effectively. Cited from Your Child: Today and Tomorrow, by S. M. Gruenberg
  • Positively this view of the situation had never once dawned upon her unimaginative brain! Cited from Flaming June, by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
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