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  • The object in a test library cannot be moved unilaterally into production.
  • Here both players get nothing, but neither could get more by unilaterally changing his/her strategy.
  • Such a right could only be exercised unilaterally under certain circumstances, under current international law.
  • Here both players receive nothing, but neither player can increase their return by unilaterally changing their strategy.
  • A parish council can become a town council unilaterally, simply by resolution.
  • The king chose several officers to assist him, and unilaterally granted them their powers.
  • National emergency powers allow the President unilaterally to control any business activity or person within the country.
  • A full or associated member state may unilaterally withdraw from the union.
  • The first player would not want to unilaterally increase his/her demand since the second would reject any higher demand.
  • But in this case, the Governor acted unilaterally when no cabinet had been formed yet.
  • In addition, many organizations reserve the express right to unilaterally change the terms of their policies.
  • The President will no longer be able to declare emergency rule in any province unilaterally.
  • Resources can also be transferred to other villages unilaterally if the source village has a marketplace.
  • The President can dismiss any government minister or deputy minister unilaterally at any time.
  • He further added that even the Executive Yuan cannot make the decision unilaterally.
  • An individual Board member may not unilaterally act on behalf of the Town Board.
  • As such they may be unilaterally revoked with a simple change in the law.
  • At any time, you may unilaterally disarm any country that belongs to you.
  • The legal duty rule protects one party when the other is trying to unilaterally change the terms of the agreement.
  • This new political structure necessarily reduced the power of the governor, a previously unilaterally powerful office which had been appointed for life.
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Meaning of unilaterally

  • adverb In a unilateral manner; by means of one part or party
    they worked out an agreement unilaterally