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  • However, it is generally believed they were a unifying feature of the city.
  • The houses were built with no central plan or unifying style.
  • He said that the government also did not consider unifying the pay structure of its employees.
  • He provided a unifying style to the public buildings as government established its presence throughout Western Australia.
  • It's clear that they don't see how this is not a unifying term.
  • He started talking about unifying all of Japan under his leadership.
  • For the first time in the company's history, all staff and operations are under one unifying roof.
  • This would have a unifying effect on the Chinese culture for thousands of years.
  • Planned on three levels it was primarily a social space which had a unifying space frame roof.
  • The affected families then began a movement towards unifying the existing elementary and middle schools into a separate district.
  • Without such a unifying technology, such projects cannot scale, and are bound to fail.
  • The foundation's goal was increasing international understanding through the unifying bond of music.
  • Also, he saw a great national navy as a unifying force for an empire still divided into various kingdoms.
  • This work was the foundation for all future unifying work.
  • To date, such examples are not considered to be part of a larger, unifying tradition.
  • Michigan also has discussed unifying their school districts and faced similar opposition.
  • They would later return, officially re-unifying the group.
  • The unifying element of the book is its moral purpose, but the work contains a variety of material.
  • The name was later changed as the district's inhabitants pushed for a more unifying name for the district.
  • In addition, the fading of old economic issues removed many of the unifying forces holding the party together.
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Root form of unifying is unify for the verb.

Meaning of unifying

  • verb Become one
    Germany unified officially in 1990, the cells merge