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  • These new standards are not uniformly applied or followed in all states, however.
  • His decision stated that the constitution required all state schools be funded uniformly.
  • Class sizes have been uniformly quite small, with recent classes having about twenty students.
  • However, the wood itself, like most woods, is not uniformly the same color.
  • This improved the football field although the surface remains hard and is not uniformly flat.
  • The voice, sound effects and music are of a uniformly good quality.
  • The classical groups can uniformly be characterized in a different way using real forms.
  • Satellite technology later allowed uniformly excellent broadcast sound to be sent live worldwide.
  • They are spread more or less uniformly across the province.
  • Different legislative bodies had rather similar names, not always translated uniformly into English.
  • Most are uniformly grey in color, but they can also be light brown, or even a pale yellow.
  • The far south, however, with only a short dry season, has uniformly high temperatures throughout the year.
  • The review found uniformly negative results in the highest quality studies.
  • There may not be a way to uniformly settle all of the many claims brought via a mass action.
  • Their organization has differed from one country to another, nor have they been uniformly organized in the same country.
  • Young animals tend to be uniformly dark brown or green with faint dark bands.
  • Like the previous red, black and white livery, it was uniformly applied to its entire fleet.
  • The children first move from the parent uniformly in one direction.
  • It should be noted that the film recording prints used are of a uniformly poor quality throughout this set.
  • Stone would in turn send these to publishers, but they were uniformly rejected.
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  • adverb In a uniform manner
    a uniformly bright surface