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  • Info Unfortunately is the fourth studio album by Shalabi Effect. more...
  • But it is also unfortunately the best I think we will ever make.
  • Unfortunately we never actually use or benefit from this value or these rights.
  • Unfortunately the tournament got off to a bad start, before even a game had been played.
  • Unfortunately the band could not play covers very well, so they started writing their own songs.
  • Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see his last dream realized.
  • Unfortunately, for a band known for its live performances, this was their only live album.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell on the drawing board how this will play out.
  • Unfortunately its prominent site has always made it an object of strategic importance.
  • Unfortunately, official records were destroyed in a fire many years ago.
  • Unfortunately when all was ready for his departure he suddenly died.
  • Unfortunately, it would also represent the last time that the five original members were gathered together.
  • Unfortunately, his career ended almost as soon as it began.
  • Unfortunately the album did not do as well as expected and the band was dropped from the label.
  • Unfortunately, the campaign was not quite ended, since the British were still on the move.
  • Unfortunately there's not much information about this old lady.
  • Unfortunately, his body has already been cremated, so a new body must be found.
  • Unfortunately, years later a fire burned most of this building down.
  • Unfortunately, our friends and relatives are not always the way we want them to be.
  • Unfortunately for the partners, their plan did not go quite as expected.
  • Unfortunately for everyone involved in the series, production got off to the worst possible start.
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  • adverb By bad luck
    unfortunately it rained all day, alas, I cannot stay