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  • He lost his practice during the war and was unfit for military service.
  • After a foot injury at young age, his father declared him unfit for military service.
  • Over the years the canal changed and eventually became unfit for commercial use.
  • Originally found unfit to stand trial, he was held in mental health facilities.
  • He was pretty unfit and we just didn't have the time for him.
  • They declared the conditions unfit for human existence and resolved to never return.
  • Should the person be deemed unfit to continue they would be taken down.
  • If the field is unfit for play due to bad weather, the match must be played the next day.
  • They furthermore claimed that his alleged poor health made him unfit to stand trial.
  • Rendered unfit for further service by age and ill health, he spent the next two years on leave.
  • However, some may be deemed unfit for service and not be required to show up.
  • He returned to the starting line-up for the home match against the, but looked unfit and had a poor game.
  • He was finally was declared unfit for ground combat because of a serious wound.
  • Many across European saw this constitution as unfit or a last attempt to save the Empire.
  • They also suggested that mental exertion would make them unfit for physical labor.
  • Families were divided into the unfit women, old, and children and those fit for slave labor.
  • Sometimes it may be used in determining whether they are unfit for all duties.
  • He was originally unfit for service with the United States Army because of an eye problem.
  • Considered unfit for combat duty and used for training only.
  • Rodonacachi did his best to have as many men as possible declared unfit.
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Meaning of unfit

  • adjective Below the required standards for a purpose
    an unfit parent, unfit for human consumption
  • adjective Not in good physical or mental condition; out of condition
    fat and very unfit, certified as unfit for army service, drunk and unfit for service