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  • President Washington thought the bill gave an unfair advantage to the northern states.
  • Typically, the other human players look away during spell choice to avoid unfair advantage.
  • Prolonged contact with the ball can give players unfair control over the play.
  • I felt it was unfair to collect money for something that did not yet exist.
  • The members claimed that the contract was unfair and they were left out of proper profit distribution.
  • It was, for example, unfair and wrong to attack an enemy already in a fight with another.
  • This is not really unfair because all the other gods use the same trick.
  • However, attributes with very low information values then appeared to receive an unfair advantage.
  • I don't know if it was, but it was unfair.
  • They have claimed that the contract was unfair and the members were left out of proper profit distribution.
  • Subjects were asked to write down fair or unfair behaviors that they themselves or others did.
  • The term can also mean to take unfair advantage.
  • However, most of these countries mainly objected to foreign policies that they considered unfair.
  • This is because such a player would most probably collect the card, which would be unfair for him or her!
  • It has been claimed there was an aggressive campaign and an unfair election.
  • The device is typically used to distance the speaker from unfair claims, while still bringing them up.
  • Women in male dominated fields are often subject to unfair treatment.
  • When they finally do find jobs they usually consist of hard manual labour along with unfair pay.
  • I think an unfair burden has been placed on him.
  • If all shops closed for the whole of Sunday this was clearly unfair to working men.
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Meaning of unfair

  • adjective Not fair; marked by injustice or partiality or deception
    used unfair methods, it was an unfair trial, took an unfair advantage