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  • At some point he had lost his left eye in an unexplained situation.
  • It is unexplained why she would give her son such a name.
  • A series of unexplained events lead them to wonder if they should stop playing completely.
  • But how she will continue to exist without a body is left unexplained.
  • She ends by saying she has an idea although it is unexplained what this is.
  • However, for reasons unexplained, did not take part in any event of the season.
  • Its running time was fifty-six seconds longer than the previous issue which is unexplained.
  • She left home some years ago, and for initially unexplained reasons her family has not heard from her since.
  • The album gained good press attention but the band - for unexplained reasons - did not follow up on this.
  • Some of these scenes are from later episodes, while others remain unexplained.
  • In other words, it could be thought of as a state in which man has an unexplained feeling.
  • After the cuts, the film shows him with unexplained blood on his right temple.
  • Several important patterns have been established, yet much remains unknown and unexplained.
  • Many of the skills are left unexplained as well, often leaving many players confused about their use.
  • Language transfer has been the subject of several studies, and many aspects of it remain unexplained.
  • However, China Force saw little action and split up under unexplained circumstances.
  • The band shortly decayed due to unexplained issues between management and band members.
  • He does not kill at random or without purpose, although his reasons are often unexplained.
  • He did not present it due to some unexplained circumstances.
  • An old estate by the name of is located there with a history of many strange and unexplained events having occurred there.
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