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  • Neither of the girls knew how long the minutes followed each other uneventfully, before there was a change. Cited from I Say No, by Wilkie Collins
  • The group left the church early that morning and traveled uneventfully to the park.
  • To all appearance the long hot days of August were passing very uneventfully to the characters of our story. Cited from The Earth Trembled, by E.P. Roe
  • His political career began uneventfully, but he soon rose to national prominence.
  • They saw their youth slipping away uneventfully, and dark old age coming steadily upon them. Cited from Haydn, by John F. Runciman
  • Rather to my surprise, the next morning passed off uneventfully. Cited from Love Among the Chickens, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • And so everything fell into its old train once more, and the next few days passed smoothly and uneventfully. Cited from Frank Fairlegh, by Frank E. Smedley
  • For the next week or two the days passed uneventfully. Cited from Roger Ingleton, Minor, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • The afternoon passed uneventfully, and they amused themselves by making up stories about their fellow passengers. Cited from The Outdoor Girls in the Saddle, by Laura Lee Hope
  • Here, for some time, life passed uneventfully with the boys. Cited from Under Drake's Flag, by G. A. Henty
  • Our first night passed uneventfully, but the following day we gathered that something was brewing. Cited from The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry, by F.L. Morrison
  • We went uneventfully forward until the trees began to thin, and paused. Cited from Ten Days That Shook the World, by John Reed
  • The next ten hours of the flight passed uneventfully.
  • Thus a year or more passed uneventfully, until the one romance of their lives befell them. Cited from Sentimental Tommy, by J. M. Barrie
  • Apparently the evening passed uneventfully away; yet few recognize the eventful hours of their lives. Cited from The Earth Trembled, by E.P. Roe
  • Martial law was imposed, and the strike ended several uneventfully weeks later with no agreement.
  • The highway turns more towards the northeast upon passing the airport, and proceeds uneventfully.
  • On the surface the days that followed passed uneventfully. Cited from More Tish, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • After that, life went uneventfully for a time with Tim and me. Cited from Kilgorman, A Story of Ireland in 1798, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • A few days passed uneventfully by and no report came from Vinton. Cited from The Burglar's Fate And The Detectives, by Allan Pinkerton
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  • adverb In an uneventful manner
    the space shuttle landed uneventfully